Social Interaction Test

Social Interaction Test (SIT)

Answer yes or no on the following questions.

  1. ____I frequently avoid talking to people I know/recognize in public.
  2. ____When I am on a party or social gathering, and I feel alone/bored, I take up my phone instead of seeking interaction.
  3. ____I frequently choose being at home instead of seeking out social interactions.
  4. ____I frequently choose to spend time on the internet over having sex.
  5. ____I occasionally or frequently feel left out.
  6. ____I meet up with friends to hang out less than once per week.

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions in the social interaction test you are negatively affected by the shift that is happening from real life social interaction towards us spending more and more time on the internet. 

This causes social isolation and the feeling of being left out, and ultimately anxiety, depression and burnout.

Reclaiming sex and conversation will be an essential part of your rehabilitation.


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