Sleep Deprivation Test

Sleep Deprivation Test (SDT)

Answer yes or no on the following questions.

  1. ___Do you find that you are moodier than “normal” or stressed out by minor inconveniences?
  2. ___Do you experience an increase in appetite or frequent cravings for junk-food?
  3. ___Do you struggle to remember details you would normally remember or are you slow to comprehend when you’re reading/learning?
  4. ___Do you feel sleepy during the day?
  5. ___Do you find that your sex drive is lower than normal or do you frequently miss out on sex because you are to tired?
  6. ___Do you have pain or some other condition or circumstance that interferes with your sleep?
  7. ___Do you rely on caffeine or strong stimulants to keep you alert during the day?
  8. ___Do you frequently have nightmares?
  9. ___Do you or your partner often snore?

My Total Number Of Yes’s (add 1-9): ___________

How To Judge Your Test Result On SDT
NONE: 0-1
You are unique. One of a kind. Congratulations! Or maybe you are just fooling yourself.  

MILD : 2-4
You may have some troubles due to sleep deprivation at times, but you are in the clear.

You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of sleep deprivation and should take countermeasures.

SEVERE : 8-9
Your sleep deprivation is causing significant problems in your life. You need to address your sleeping habits immediately.


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