12:12 Routine To Go Offline From The Internet

What Is The 12:12 Routine?

You follow the 12:12 routine when you every day have:

12 hours ON – 12 hours OFF
12 hours ONLINE – 12 hours OFFLINE
12 hours of STRESS – 12 hours of RECOVERY

12 hours of daylight when you can:

  • Work
  • Use electronics
  • Exercise
  • Or do whatever you want to stress your mind and body.

12 hours of darkness when you can:

  • Sleep
  • Socialize
  • Read, write, meditate or do small chores
  • Or do whatever you want offline that helps you recover.

Why You Should Follow The 12:12 Routine

Throughout the entire evolution, for millions of years before electricity, TV and the internet, we spent 12 hours of the day in daylight and 12 hours in darkness. In east Africa, where Homo Sapiens came from the sun rises at 06:00 and goes down at 18:00. This is what our natural circadian rhythm looks like, and nothing in our biology have changed since then.

12 hours of daylight gave us the opportunity to hunt, gather and work. 12 hours of darkness gave us time to rest, recover and sleep, and throw a party for our fellow tribe members now and then.    

How To Start Your 12:12 Routine

It doesn’t have to be 12 hours. It could be 9 hours offline. It could be 14 hours offline. But make sure that you set a specific time in the evening after which no digital devices can be used.



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