#2 How Do You Best Deal With Internet Addiction?

How Do You Best Deal With Internet Addiction MP3

In this episode the answer to the question ”How do you best deal with internet addiction?” is being discussed.

1. Identify The Most Addictive Element Of The Internet

In most cases, the internet itself is not a problem – it’s a specific website or set of websites that are addictive.

Maintain time for essential internet use but block much of the non essential internet use.

2. Block Those Elements Using Something Like The Freedom App

You can start small and block elements during sleep or work. But you need to put a physical barrier between you and your addiction.

Schedule time when you are allowed to go online but stick to a routine so that the freedom app blocks all websites after 21:00 for example.

4. Find New Ways To Socialize And Spend Time

One of the biggest driving factors of internet addiction is the desire to socialize. So to replace the addiction we need real world activities.


  • Light Exercise – Evening walks with a friend/partner, Yoga, Swimming Etc.
  • Long baths/showers and hygiene routines
  • Board-/Cardgames or play of some other sort
  • Hobby – Musical Instruments, Language, Creative Work
  • Listening to music and just talking
  • Reading – Any type of book; Novel, Comic, Magazine, Non-Fiction, Biography
  • Writing – Journal, Book, Memoir, Reflection, Self Improvement
  • Meditation – Breathing Exercise, Mindfulness
  • Sleep – Go to bed 9+ hours before waking up
  • Plan for tomorrow – Food Pack, Back Pack, Improvements, Breakfast preparation
  • Visualize

5. Work With A Professional

If you keep on struggling. Get professsional help!

This is an example of a 12-step program for people trying to deal with internet addiction: 12-STEP PROGRAM – TREAT INTERNET ADDICTION TO RECLAIM HEALTH AND HAPPINESS



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