3 Reasons Why You Need The Freedom App

The single most important tool to help you cure morning anxiety is the Freedom App.

I use Freedom to force-implement the 12:12-routine. Because otherwise – I simply wouldn’t do it. Here are 3 reasons to why you should buy it.


1. It Will Always Be Stronger Than Your Addiction

The definition of an addiction is that it is something you can’t control or quit. And if you’re still in the denial stage and say that you don’t have an addiction I recommend that you go back and read more about the Internet Addiction.

2. You Will Cheat If You Don’t Set Up A Barrier

It is a bit like having a successful relationship in the words of Jordan Peterson; if you think there is a way out from your relationship – sooner or later you will take it, so the only way to have a successful relationship is to get married and eliminate the alternative. 

The force of the internet is to strong I would rather watch meaningless videos before going to bed and feel like I want to kill myself when the alarm goes off, then to voluntarily turn off my devices at 20:00 every evening.

3. You Can Use It For More Than The 12:12-Routine

I also use it for focused work during the daytime so I won’t be distracted by my smartphone. Which helps me be much more productive and arguably saves me huge amounts of time and money over the long run.



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