Make Sure You Have These 3 Things Before Starting Your Reclamation

1. Partner/Support

Tell someone – a close friend or spouse – what you are doing and why.

You will be many times more likely to succeed.

At least you should subscribe to the newsletter.


2. Environment/Set-Up

You should begin to LOVE your bedroom. If you follow the 12:12-principle, you will spend a lot more time in there.

Take a look at this list for your bedroom; “Do You Have These 10 Things In Your Bedroom To Help You Wake Up Happy?”

These apps and tools will also be of major assistance, especially during the Reclamation Challenge.

Also be sure to know how you can change your home environment to help you spend less time in fron of a screen.

3. Plan

What are you going to do instead of spending 8+ hours a day on the internet if I asked you?

Are you just going to sit around or stress-eat junk-food?

What do you dream of learning, doing or having that you can work towards instead of wasting time on social media?


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