Why I Quit Facebook

We should quit facebook and here’s why.

We constantly desire effectiveness in society. We improve machines and computers to do the work for us so we can spend our time on the things that we find meaningful.

We want to put our time and energy where it makes a difference. Yet every year, statistically, we just spend more and more time in front of computers. Much of the time we waste in front of computers, we waste on social media.

Facebook has become one of the biggest companies in the world by building an online platform where we all can go as soon as we have a second to spare.  

Why Quit Facebook?

Lately I have only been using facebook when absolutely necessary. Which have been about once every week. I could just go on like this for the rest of my life and keep my account. But I want to remove my account in protest and out of principle.

Every time you log on to facebook. You have literally thousands of engineers working to keep your attention so they can make money of it through advertisement.

It is keeping us from doing the things we want to do.
It is creating psychiatric disorders.
It is suppressing our social skills and capacity.
It is making us sedentary and overweight.
It is creating the CZ-syndrome.

What To Do About It?

We all feel like we can go out on the streets to protest against capitalism exploiting the environment, or injustice and equality in workplaces. But how do we protest against the attention economy, which is hijacking our lives and happiness?

How do we rally and rage on the creators of social media platforms? We can’t get it in the way of their rampaging and refuse to move.

All we can do is quit and refuse to take part of it.
All we can do is to show that there is an alternative.


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